135 Whitecross Street

EC1Y 8JL London




 Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday 11:30 - 14:30

Monday - Saturday 17:30 - 23:30 


(Pre and post theatre reservations available just let us know when you book)



Phone Number: +442072503452



A big, warm welcome awaits you at Carneval! We are always happy to see new faces, and we are always proud to welcome more members into our crowd of happy locals that has become like a family. We serve authentic, delicious Mediterranean food, running the gamut from Sicily and southern France to Greece and the Arabic world for inspiration. You will rethink your view on vegetarian food after visiting us, and we hope you get as much joy from our cooking as we do from preparing and sharing it.


About Us

We are a homely Mediterranean eatery among the bustling, creative throng of the Barbican Centre. We are proud to be independent, allowing us to provide a range of fabulous traditional food from fresh ingredients, a commitment to quality that bigger restaurants and chains cannot ensure. Our menu is designed to let you experience the full spread of Mediterranean flavours, from sweet to spicy, light to heavy. It’s a region whose culinary tapestry is more colourful than just about any on Earth and we are proud, happy and excited to share this with you.